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Organ Studios

Local Talent going strong: Organ Studios Organ Studio is an independent graphic design studio established in 2009 by Perth designers; Henry Luong and Daniel Elliott. We offer clients a bespoke service, grounded in developing design communication that is conceptually driven and executed with clarity and craftsmanship. Organ Studio is a graphic design studio that is […]

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Old Star Wars Bloopers Reel

Before George Lucas went nuts and messed with the classics. This comes on the back of the news that Star Wars will be available for downlo- er, BluRay! Read about that here. One more here:

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Julian Assange interview with CBS

I just found a link to an exclusive interview Assange had with CBS America. It might be region blocked, but if I find a mirror I’ll post that soon. Link here. Update:

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Best & Random Photos from the Chive

More at: The Chive’s Daily Photos of Randomness More at: The Chive’s Best Photos of the Week #50 Note: Links are NSFW!

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nVidia announces new 3D-tech hardware

Full story here Snippets: “…A new version of this (3D) technology uses cellular strips instead of vertical strips, which means users can rotate the screen and not lose the 3D image…” “We probably won’t see 3D mobile devices out until later this year…” “The Tegra 3 will reportedly have a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor and […]

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Anonymous declares (internet) war on UK Government

“The arrests of several UK individuals allegedly associated with the group Anonymous have drawn a sharp response from other members of the group, who say the UK government’s actions are “a serious declaration of war.” The arrests stem from Anonymous’ response to organizations perceived to have worked against Wikileaks in the wake of the Cablegate […]

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Movie News: Ender’s Game is still happening!

Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game, the sci-fi classic book, was announced to be filmed a few years ago, but news of it since had disappeared into development limbo – Until Now! Check out what’s happening with it here.

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