Ignite (Your Sanity)

Unfortunately, I’ve had to burn the candle at both ends this week. This is due to the heat in the evenings interrupting my sleeping pattern robbing me of the restorative sleep that I desperately need. I haven’t been late to any appointments yet, but I have noticed my eyes forcing themselves shut while driving a few times. It’s starting to take its toll and therefore I need to secure an extra hour or two tonight to properly rejuvenate.

The Blog will be updated as soon as possible, but my health (and remaining sanity) comes first.
In the meantime, a word from my unofficial sponsor:

V Black

Update 14/01/11:
The Internet is strife with many grammatical and spelling errors, and while I know I’m not perfect, I’m damn near close. I rarely have to spell check my work. I take the time to put the care and effort in. The respect for writing was drilled into me at a younger age and many times when I was studying. I often even write some things, like this blog, 3-4 times before posting. And sometimes, go back over it to edit for a better read.

My father’s dream was to be a writer, but due to the times and culture, creative talents weren’t considered a viable option, and money needed to be made to support the family. That meant compromising talents, and taking up trade school. I personally, could not imagine being forced to take up a trade, my co-ordination with craft, metals, and wood are shocking at best. But, If I had to make a choice, I would have taken up an apprenticeship as an electrician. That would have been my left brain sorted. My right brain, however, would have not had the chance to develop into the creative powerhouse it is today.

Thus, I will occasionally post about irritating, annoying, or just plain (stupid or) careless discoveries and an analysis of the illiteracy, poor grammar and forgotten or overlooked conventions. As a general rule though, if the writing sample is on a personal blog, Facebook, or Twitter, I’m more lenient but still somewhat upset that the passion and care is non-existent. If the lack of writing skill is on a corporate identity, business or organisation, you can expect unforgiving (and maybe constructive) criticism.

Also, to be included in future blogs are improper pronunciations, particularly if the speaker is from an English speaking background – or, a “destroyed English” background, such as American English.

This week’s grammatical pet hate
The sentence, “Why did you do that for?” is a mash up of “Why did you do that?” and “What did you do that for?”. It’s poor grammar, but not as bad as any song by The Killers (e.g. Human).

Is… this… annoying… to…. read?
Using… lots of …. dots in sentences….. is intended to be a dramatic…. pause ….. but reads more like…. an overweight…. person… out of…. breath… climbing.. the …. stairs… *gasp*.


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