Friend Collectors

I keep a close list of people on my Facebook page, people who I hold above acquaintance or have some sort of history with them. They are within my ‘friend zone’. What I abhor: is people who collect friends, that want me on their list to supplement their total number of friends, in an attempt to appear popular. I’ve very “anti-sheep” mentality or conformism for the sake of fitting in, and will almost always instantly ignore any requests to be friends that don’t come with some sort of basic preamble – even just a “Hello! Haven’t seen you in ages, man. How are you? We should catch up!”.

Put some effort into your “Add Friends” clicking; Hold dear those in your life; And maintain some of the traditional methods of attracting and keeping friends. These qualities will leave you, in my opinion, with stronger integrity to stand on. /End Rant.

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