PSP 2 Revealed, Kotaku

Kotaku has grabbed an article that reveals the PSP 2 here.

-From Kotaku:

The PSP2 is finally here. Sony revealed its brand new PlayStation Portable at an event in Tokyo today, giving us our first official look at the PlayStation maker’s next bold foray into handheld gaming. Here are the first details.
Sony confirmed many of the features of the PSP2 that we’ve already heard in the form of leaks, rumour and speculation. The PSP2 features a high-resolution, touch-sensitive screen that’s larger than the original PSP screen, tilt-sensitive SIXAXIS controls, dual analogue sticks, front and back-facing cameras, and a touch sensitive back panel. The device features built-in WiFi and 3G wireless connectivity. Sony boasts that the new PlayStation Portable is as powerful as a PlayStation 3. For now, Sony is officially calling the new PlayStation Portable by its codename, Next Generation Portable or NGP. It will be out this holiday.

Update: Kotaku has blasted their pages with news on the PSP2


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