PSTW Dot Dot Dot

Typos suck, and you suck too if you write them, is usually the consensus between intelligent Internet users and people with not much else to be proud of. But, the Internet has taken the a magnifying glass to one kid’s poor spelling and grammar in a popular video using dynamic typography and highlighted the ineptitude of his ability to type. The purpose of writing is to convey your message. When you do typos, misspell, or just generally fuck up by key-mashing with your fat fingers and then hit enter before checking what you wrote, you distort your message and irritate the intended recipient. This is literary communication 101 and when you abandon quality, you are essentially mumbling or providing written static. See Shannon and Weaver’s model of communication which in John Fiske’s words, ‘widely accepted as one of the main seeds out of which Communication Studies has grown’.

I recall a time when writing was regarded highly, and if you could type it said something about you. The illiteracy plague needs to be burned off like an unsightly, cancerous mole.

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