Thundercats, Ho!

I just found out that Thundercats is in production, and due to be on small screens soon. I did watch this show and read some of the comics when I was quite young, but now, with high expectations of animation, pushed far by Avatar, Spectacular Spiderman and The Batman: Animated Series, I hope that this has a real story, or plot, and not endless battles with no lessons learned. Also, I should mention that the newest Wolverine and the X-men, and Star Wars the Clone Wars are great animation series as well. All these titles have an underlying story, a goal or purpose to be reached, at the end of the se ries, while things like Spongebob, Invader Zim, etc, just have endless excursions where the characters respond to the situation and nothing happens, nothing is learned, everything just restarts. That irritates me, and becomes quickly boring for me. Fortunately, it looks like Thundercats has a few good producers behind it. Full article here on SlashFilm.

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