New V Iced Coffee – Review

I am a huge fan of the V product range as it is the only sports drink that doesn’t give me headaches after consuming them. This week they released a new caffeinated product, V Iced Coffee. Competing against many other brands of iced coffee that already exist, not to mention what is served at Cafes all over the country (-ies, Australia & NZ), it stands up to the plate and delivers a delicious taste. It tastes like sweet, white coffee and has the added benefit of guarana extracted caffeine, which has a higher caffeine concentrate.

As it says on the pack, New V Iced Coffee – Your ultimate morning kick-start now comes with a delicious iced coffee. Blending all the “Wake up!” of an expresso with the “Wooh-hoo!” of guarana, the only thing chilled about this amped-up iced coffee is its serving temperature.”

The only bad thing about it is what the marketing campaign chose to name the official website, ““. Sure, we read it as V Iced Coffee, but VICED coffee is there too. That’s not smart, guys. Why not, Iced V Coffee or “Vcoffee”?

As I always say, “Fuck Wings, blast off with V”:


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  1. #1 by vayda on February 28, 2011 - 16:15

    Hi… This drink should not come out. Every time I have one, I will cry over the smallest things and I vomit. It’s just not a nice drink. It makes me sleepy and I just needed to tell you that. Thanks …

    P.S. I live a sheltered life, and have sexual relations with farm animals.

    • #2 by spicybanana on February 28, 2011 - 16:27

      Caffeine isn’t for everyone. Nor is the internet.

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