So they have Superman, but who’s gonna be Lois?

This is an important role. While I’m still sceptical on the choice for the new superman, I am equally anxious to find out who the next Lois is – and more importantly, can they do the character right? She needs to be a bit of a Tom-boy but dress like a successful business woman, she has to be strong and self-dependant, but a hopeless romantic that woos for Superman to literally sweet her off her feet. And, she’s gonna have to be smart enough to suspect that Clark Kent is Superman, but not be entirely convinced. There should also be consistency in his powers, and none of that crazy Superman III stuff where he pulls his symbol off his chest to capture people. And no fucking Richard Pryor! And a proper fight please vs. a boss that doesn’t get killed in 5 minutes ala Fantastic Four or Iron Man.

Check out the potential Lois Lanes here.


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