Goo-lien: A Weebl & Bob Short

From Wikipedia:

The Everyday Happenings of Weebl (and Sometimes Weebl’s Friend Bob) (best known as Weebl and Bob, and also known as Wobbl and Bob) is a Flash cartoon series created by Jonti Picking (also known as Weebl to fans) and co-scripted by Chris Vick (known as Skoo).

The two main characters, Weebl and Bob, are best friends, but are easily prone to harassing and insulting each other (e.g. by calling each other “wanker”), though these insults are mainly directed at Bob. Both characters are egg-shaped creatures with wide mouths that split their heads in half, and move by rolling, hopping or swaying back and forth. They don’t speak properly, they just mutter and ‘talk’ in a way that they seem to understand between the two of them. It is often unintelligible. Weebl is the larger of the two, during the series it is revealed that Bob’s small stature is due to a cheese overdose in the 1980s. Many of their stories are centred around their love of pie, a devotion shared by most of the other characters in their world—these episodes generally depict one of their several (often failed) attempts to obtain it. We also know that the two characters don’t have a house as Weebl sold it to buy a rocket ship. Some episodes are a vehicle to introduce a new character into the storyline, while others are parodies of cultural phenomena, such as Hello Kitty, Japanese karate and ninja movies, ’80s anti-drug documentaries, Michael Moore’s documentary film Fahrenheit 9/11, Kill Bill, the crime drama CSI: Miami, the iPod “silhouette” ad campaign, the MTV show Pimp My Ride, the game show Krypton Factor, Mel Brooks’ History of the World, the video game Portal, Final Fantasy VII, the Academy Awards and even retailers such as PC World (‘Pissy Werld’ in the show), IKEA (or ‘PIKEA’) and Matalan (‘Catalan’).

The first episode, “Pie”, was uploaded by Picking on June 6, 2002. It is also the most watched episode on Weebl’s site, with 2,612,660 views as of April 30, 2007. However, the cartoon is aired on MTV and sold on multi-region DVD video under the name Wobbl and Bob, after fears that Hasbro, makers of a 1970s and 2000s toy called Weebles and 2000s videos based on the toys, would sue.

If you’ve ever heard an internet nerd say they want, like or have pie, it is very likely that it is because it is a meme that was generated by the first episode. The characters often claimed they want, like or have pie, and the mumbled way they say it has also been conveyed to the meme. Pie has never been more popular, and you can see why here.

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