Uncertain Future: What is the fate of Stargate Universe?

A fellow blogger wrote a lengthy article about the fate of SGU. Personally, while the show was up and down, it was a favourite of mine. There were some real gems in there, and the focus on drama was a good change of pace.

An excerpt:

Still no definite word on the Stargate front. Following a flurry of promising developments, things have gone unbearably quiet. Not a bad sign just… no sign. There’s an anticipation that good news could break any day now – but the longer the wait, the greater the challenge when the time comes. To those holding out hope that this could mean a third season pick-up – alas, this isn’t one of the scenarios in play.

It looks like (the producers) are close to signing a deal that would take (them) to Toronto for 2011 (and, possibly, beyond). As things started to heat up this weekend..


Syfy has announced via its online schedule that they will air the final episodes of Stargate Universe beginning Monday, March 7 at 10/9c. Yes, they are moving it to Monday nights. But that does not matter for the ratings as Syfy already cancelled the show. I’m still really sad about that, but hopefully the ratings of the final episodes will be good and they might make a movie?
Source: Voice of TV

Update 2:

The planned movie version of Stargate Universe has been cancelled. The newest iteration of the long-running sci-fi franchise, which starred Robert Carlyle, was cancelled last year after two seasons, but plans were afoot to finish the story with a big screen conclusion.

However, writer Brad Wright confirmed at the Official Stargate Convention in Vancouver that the movie is now effectively dead. He said: “We just recently found out that the SGU movie is not going to happen. It took too long. We just couldn’t get it together in time, and the window was now closed.”

The news means that after almost two decades there is no new Stargate in production. Wright continued: It’s actually sad for me because after 17 years, I’m clearing out my desk tomorrow morning.”

However, Wright insisted that Stargate, which spanned a movie and three TV versions in Stargate: SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe may still have a future. He said: “It’s a franchise. Stargate is not over. Somebody smart from MGM is going to figure it out, and something will happen.”
Source: NME.com


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