New Colour Inventions

I saw a competition to win a brand new TV and to do so, you had to create some colours. As my profession requires a knowledge of colour theory and creative writing, this was an easy task, and cannot wait to give my address when I receive the prizes. Arrogant, cocky or just confident? The colours I have created resonate my sense of humour, my personal experiences and my understanding of graphical presentation.

My entries are below:

Energy Drink Wash
Energy Drink Wash – Tinged with green, but mostly a dark, heavy urine colour. Promises Energy, fails to deliver.

Storm CloudStorm Cloud – Deep, dark and foreboding – Often seen in Tropical Cyclones at the horizon of an ocean front beach house, ruining any chances of today’s surfing venture.

Almost Black – Registers as 95K in the CMYK, a very dark, slate-like grey that is almost black, but not quite. It is often used when Black would be too dark and boasts experience in colour theory.

Virgin Pink – A pink and brown tinge that is reminiscent of early pubescent facial hair but still inexperienced. Often described as a colour that could scream like a little girl, and often seen after a good, old fashion online “pwnage” in Call of Duty games.

Far Right, Bottom Corner
Dried Blood – Usually found on carpets, in the rear seats and storage compartments of vehicles and buried in the great outback of Australia or deserts of Las Vegas in shallow graves. Dark Maroon with a dirty, grief-ridden palette.

So intense!
Double Rainbow – Colours so intense, with a variety of primary hues including Red, Orange, Yellow to Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet, in tandem. Rare, but can be seen across the sky. May cause intense feeling of awe causing ecstatic tearful outcries and bursts of joy.

Facepalm Glow
Facepalm Glow – Seen on the foreheads of much of the population, usually those in customer service or technical support roles. May be confused as a skin condition, however, it is a known symptom of suffering under the idiocy and lack-of-logic statements that the person has to endure. Medical practitioners have noticed that the rise in cases is directly proportional to the number of Internet users who do not use spell check or lack basic grammatical skills as technology evolves.


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