#StarWars meets The #Princess #Bride

A new twist on one of the best swordfights ever. I started this little project three years ago as a way of learning my effects software. After the first five shots or so I had figured out the software reasonably well, so I rarely touched it after that. I finally finished it and hope you like it.

The first few shots are a bit rough because I was just getting going, but the quality improves as I got better at what I was doing. I used Adobe After Effects with some cool plug-ins for the effects, Adobe Audition to re-work the soundtrack (extracting swords clanging and the like) and Premiere Pro to put it all together.

The final project consisted of three video layers and ten soundtracks. I downloaded the sound effects from various sources on the Internet.

The scene from “The Princess Bride” is called “The Chatty Duelists” on the DVD. It’s my favorite swordfight, and one of my favorite scenes in a really great movie. If this video ever gets to any of the people responsible for making “The Princess Bride,” thank you, and I hope you found it amusing.


A similar video here with Monty Python vs Star Wars:


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