#swtor news, 28/2/11

Q&A: We want a single ‘saber, DPS Jedi Knight!
As mentioned, the Jedi Knight has at least one viable DPS option that involves a single lightsaber.
As to the exact details of how that option stacks up against dual lightsaber damage – at the moment, I would call it ‘definitely viable’.
As for % differences, we’re not ready to give you those as the game is in very active balancing.
The Jedi Guardian now has the option to be played as a single lightsaber DPS role.

Q&A: Naming Restrictions/Allowances for characters:
As you probably already have guessed, well known names from the extended Star Wars universe will not be available to players, so you don’t have to worry about running into Darth Vader.

Yes to hyphens.
Yes to apostrophes.
No comment – yet – on titles or surnames and the like…
… I’m sure we’ll talk about such things at some time in the future though

Sith Inquisitor Madness Spec. Preview via Leakerz.net:


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