#Dragonage 2 GDC 11 – Much shorter, with more cinematics

From GamersFeed:

During a presentation on localization, BioWare localization representative Ian Mitchell showed some stats involving the amount of content in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. The information gave some surprising insight into the scope of the sequel versus its predecessor. This information is undoubtedly rounded, but some key stats are:

Dragon Age: Origins
1,000,000 Words
1,000 Cinematics
1,000 Characters
56,000 Spoken Lines
60 Hours of Gameplay

Dragon Age II
400,000 Words
2,500 Cinematics
500 Characters
38,000 Spoken Lines
40 Hours of Gameplay

This is a pretty shocking change, as it shows some pretty significant changes in developmental priority. The fewer spoken lines is especially odd, especially with the now fully voice-acted main character, which under normal circumstances would have signifficantly increased the amount of spoken dialog. Are you happy with the new focus of Dragon Age II, or would you have preferred something closer to the original game?

Well there will likely be plenty of DLCs, but if that shorter experience is better, then I won’t mind so much – and, there’s 3 classes and different ways to play each, which will add up those hours.
Rogue – Stabby-style (DPS), Ranger style, perhaps controller style?
Warrior – ChopChop (2h DPS), SlashSlash Dual Wield DPS, Tank
Mage – Healer, Caster (DPS) or perhaps Controller/Debuffer

So at least 2 ways to play each of the three classes, and if you played all 6 = around 200-240 hours of gameplay.


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