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Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter Trailer Video for Star Wars Old Republic

First, a quote from Daniel Erickson, Lead Writer, Bioware Austin:
Since ‘bounties’ is a loaded term for some people, let me clarify – and you can quote me on this: “You will be doing plenty of bounty hunting as part of the story and the quests in the game.” (03.03.2011 04:35 PM)

From Georg Zoeller, Lead Technical Designer & Lead Combat Designer, Bioware, on Bounty Hunters as Healers:
It helps to look at the healer role for the bounty hunter as a kind of hired body guard – you’re still in it for the money. (03.03.2011 03:59 PM)

In general, environmental effects get done towards the end of a project, so the videos don’t have the latest and greatest in that regard. You’ll see some serious weather at PAX East though I think. (03.02.2011 08:23 PM)

The (bounty hunter’s) scatter gun is tied to one or more abilities, but it is also a slot on your Scoundrel, so you can upgrade it.

You will find that exploring Taris in The Old Republic is a special treat for people who liked KOTOR. It is also a vast and open planet, which goes very well with the whole exploring theme.


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