Tragic Void In The #Australian Video #Game Landscape, #PAXeast

After the recent PAX East, it was clear that Australia is way behind in the Video Games industry. A short list was compiled by a frustrated blogger and gamer as follows:

– No Kinect voice support on Xbox 360
– No warning about no Kinect voice support on Xbox 360
– No
– No Netflix
– No Xbox Indie Games channel
– No notice of delays of games from developers/publisher until after game has been delayed
– No guarantee violent game that looks awesome won’t be banned
– No current gen game priced under $80 regardless of AUD parity with USD
– No current gen Steam games reduced regardless of AUD parity with USD
– No Rock Band 2 released here and no reason given
– No Rock Band 3 instruments released here on shelves and no reason given
– No R rating for games
– No random Xbox Live arcade games released here (Tecmo Bowl Throwback etc) and no reason given
– No multiplayer matchmaking that isn’t total garbage
– No Limited Edition of Beatles Rock Band released under $350.00 and no reason given
– Nobody in Australia cares about anything I’ve listed
– Nobody outside of Australia cares about anything I’ve listed

And that’s not all because Australia also has:

– Mark Ecko’s Getting Up banned
– Risen banned
– Manhunt banned (ten months after release because of UK media story)
– Left 4 Dead 2 banned, then censored
– Every console disc-based GTA game since 3 censored
– Dark Sector banned
– Fallout 3 submitted to ratings board, rejected because of morphine use, worldwide version of Fallout 3 changed to Med-X because of Aus ratings board
– R rating change requires unanimous approval from all 6 state’s Attorney’s General, one of them says no – nothing happens
– Attorneys general meet only once a year and have delayed decision on R rating for years
– Bringing up R rating to any politician makes you appear like a child who has no real world cares
– Politicians with ties to religious groups constantly refer to R rating as ‘opening floodgates to depraved, cruel sex games’. Constituents have no idea, believe and vote for them.
– Video games are generally frowned upon, whereas any form of sport and drinking until blindness and glassing people generally accepted and actively encouraged in certain circles as ‘cutting loose’.
– Sportsmen revered as icons and role models for children, despite regular sex scandal and drinking problems, while any reference to video games is regarded as a bad influence on children and cause of violence in any news story involving child violence.

Source: PFB


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