Not Always Right, Claptop Repair, #funny, #pc, #tech, #computer

From Not Always Right:
Clap-top Repair

Customer: “I can’t get the microphone on my laptop to work. Do you think you could help?”
Me: “What were you trying to do with it?”
Customer: “I can’t get it to hear what I’m saying.”
Me: “That’s pretty common. The settings are probably a little off. Let me take a look.”
(I boot the computer. After switching a few settings, I get the microphone to work.)
Me: “There, you should be all set. The settings were just wrong. You should be fine now.”
(I clap into the microphone so she can see the sound bars going up and down. She thinks I am clapping in celebration of her now fixed computer. She begins to clap rapidly along with me.)
Customer: *clapping* “Yay! This is the best day ever!”


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