New #Wondercon 2011 Green Lantern Trailer 2

Very Epic, surprisingly good looking trailer:

Green Lantern:
At Warner Bos’ Green Lantern panel, they again screened the 10 minutes of footage from CnemaCon. We’ve already talked about this footage (see previous blog posting). I’ve heard that four mutes of the footage will officially go online this weekend. They also premiered two new character posters from the film, one of Green Lantern, the other of Carol Ferris. You can see the Green Lantern one above.

Some of the questions and answered asked during the panel:

  • They again confirmed that a new Green Lantern trailer will be attached to Thor.
  • Blake Lively made the decision to dye her hair rrown for the role of Carol Ferris to be true to the comics.
  • Ryan Reynolds spent six months training for the film. He says that its much harder for a 6’2” man to do gymnastics than you might think.
  • Reynolds says he’s read a bunch of the comic books and that “he would be an asshole” if he hadn’t.
  • Reynolds was asked to recite the Oath, just like he was at ComicCon. But this time he did it with the audience doing so as well, in unison.
  • When asked about going from playing a Comic book villain to superhero, Reynolds responded: “Look, Deadpool is not a villain, he’s an asshole.”
  • Lively stressed that Geoff Johns was on set for most of the shoot making sure they got it right.
  • Reynolds compared Hal Jordan to Han Solo saying he “can get the girl, tell a joke and throw a punch.”
  • Reynolds said there are “so many unknowns” about a possibly Deadpool movie, and admitted they did a lot of things wrong in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but if they get the chance to make a feature they will do it right, “which means hard R.”
  • Reynolds stressed that Jordan can throw a joke here and there, dry one liners, but he didn’t improvise much because he wanted to keep it true to the comic book character.
  • Reynolds says he was planning to come to the stage and reveal he is going to play The Flash because it’s April Fools Day, but decided better of doing so. He says Deadpool and Green Lantern will probably be the only two superheros he plays.
  • In the film, there is a moment when Tomar-re explains to Hal in the film that his suit is made of energy.
  • Reynolds says he has not yet been approached to be in the Justice League movie. Geoff Johns would only confirm that the superhero team-up movie is in active development.
  • Atrocitus won’t appear in this film.
  • Reynolds said that Bradley Cooper would be his choice to play The Flash.
  • Lively shot Green Lantern in his Gossip Girl break. She shot her last scene on Gossip at 1am in New York City and was on set for Green Lantern in New Orleans later that morning.

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