Pure Melodies – #Trance

PM Vibes is produced by “Marco PM”, a trance DJ from Italy. Italy is one of the few countries where Trance music is almost unknown and still not particularly appreciated.

“People don’t understand its magic, they can’t hear the difference with all other Electronic Dance Music genres. Which is quite sad.” – Marco

Marco himself, didn’t even know of its existence till 2003, when a friend of his helped him discover this beautiful world of pumping beats combined with emotional melodies. They share the same taste for good and emotional music. “He’s still my first reference as “mixes listener” and his support has been indispensable when I begun making mixes (back in 2004) and I wasn’t sure about the results” says Marco.

DJ Doboy’s mixes have been his main inspiration. Marco loves creating mixes with a purpose, a message, telling stories and always full of euphoric melodies and uplifting beats.

I prefer the old Trance of 2002-2003-2004 period, but Trance of these days has still so much to give to the listener. It still brings its message of genuine emotions, universal freedom, love and harmony between people. Some mixes have got the chance of being aired on Digitally Imported Radio. That has been an important step for me and helped so much for letting people knowing my mixes. All the feedback and support I’m receiving from all over the world makes me feel so happy and helps me believing in what I’m doing 🙂 In the future I’d like to visit other countries as much as I can. Even moving outside Italy, perhaps. I love my country, but sometimes I feel myself like a stranger in my house.

– Marco

You can go to his official site and download his full 1-2 hour sets and CDs for free here.

His official youtube account has samples of his mixes here


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