New Features Rumoured in #Apple #iPhone 5

  • iPhone 5 might have 32GB model with the lowest memory option available
  • iPhone 5 might support 4G-LTE network while 3G networks will also be there in iPhone 5
  • App is expected to add on tethering feature in new iPhone for Internet
  • It is expected that Apple iPhone will come with new iOS 5.0 introducing new features like multifingure touch, etc
  • iPhone 5 is expected to have a bigger screen with higher resolution HD or WXGA with the support of LTE network to provide you the best multimedia experience ever
  • With these features many new apps for iPhone 5 are expected to developed by developers to make it a better Mobile TV
  • There is also a rumor about the camera of iPhone 5 which is said to be 8MP or higher for better photography experience
  • As we can see in the market mobile devices have moved up in regards of memory and processors so iPhone 5 might come with A5 chip with dual core processor atleast 1.2 GHz, Powered up GPU and system memory
  • New security and calling features are also likely to be added in new iPhone 5 with the help of iOS 5 to compete with the other options in market
  • Face Recognition feature
  • Wireless Sync with Apple’s very popular iTunes
  • Built-in GPS
  • Longer battery life
  • HD audio feature
  • A scratch proof and shock-proof screen

Technology development has been accelerated for past few years and market is full of various options, as all of us have already seen in CES 2011 – That’s why no one is so sure about the features of upcoming iPhone but I don’t think Steve Job’s or Apple is going to give up [any new info yet]. They are innovators and they might have new things in mind which we have never seen or heard of before. So let’s dream on until iPhone 5 is actually released by Apple [later this year].

From TipTopTens

Other source: techjournal


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