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Lern 2 Spelllz wif Us!


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Terry #Pratchett initiates assisted #suicide process

Beloved science fiction and fantasy writer Terry Pratchett has terminal early-onset Alzheimer’s. He’s determined to have the option of choosing the time and place of his death, rather than enduring the potentially horrific drawn-out death that Alzheimer’s sometimes brings. But Britain bans assisted suicide, and Pratchett is campaigning to have the law changed. As part […]

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#GameOfThrones Fan Art by RoryJas

Game of Thrones (Book Cover) Fan Art

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David Hayter Adapting Anne McCafferey’s First ‘Dragonriders of Pern’ Novel

Source: SlashFilm I haven’t thought of Anne McCaffery‘s dragon-infested Pern novels in years, but given the rate at which fantasy properties have been snapped up I’m shocked that it has taken this long for a high-profile writer to be hired to adapt them. The Pern novels — at least the first ones, such as Dragonflight, […]

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#Apple #iPad 2 Hands On Videos

Found on iPad 2 Hands On: Video 1: Video 2: Video 3: I usually get lots of spam every time I post anything Apple related, let’s see how I go :p

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New #ElderScrolls V: #Skyrim #Epic #Trailer

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Trailer

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#Facepalm: #Evidence #English is Dying a Slow and Painful #Death

Teens think they have brilliant ideas, but they are really just like babies with stupid ideas that can be verbalised and written down. This adds to my evidence that the English language is not only dying, but slowly and painfully. I must warn you that reading the following information may cause a headache, either from […]

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