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Fave Song #208 #lovers

For all you lovers out there: That Scene from Ghost: The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody Advertisements

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Pure Melodies – #Trance

PM Vibes is produced by “Marco PM”, a trance DJ from Italy. Italy is one of the few countries where Trance music is almost unknown and still not particularly appreciated. “People don’t understand its magic, they can’t hear the difference with all other Electronic Dance Music genres. Which is quite sad.” – Marco Marco himself, […]

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Fave Song #30

Michael Cassette – Crockett’s Theme: Life hasn’t always been easy for Michael Cassette. For personal reasons he has chosen not to be in public. After graduating from a music academy as a fully licensed violin player, it didn’t take long until Michael’s attention was captured by another passion, the synthesizer. In late 2005, Michael Cassette […]

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