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#Sugar doesn’t make you #Fat

According to The Australian, food scientists claim new federal draft dietary guidelines stick to nutritional “dogma” like a sticky date pudding and lump sugar in the fattening category along with fats and salt. Not true, says Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, author of The Low GI Diet and recipient this month of an Order of Australia. “Unlike […]

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Wedding Proposal #Fail

News link here – Can’t embed this one, sorry:

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#swtor news

Quotes from Bioware Employees From Allison Berryman: PAX East begins in just one week and Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ will be there! Inside the main PAX East exhibition hall, visitors to Booth 912 will be among the first in the world to play the mid-game Republic Flashpoint, Taral V! Taking the role of a […]

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#GDC News Links

Risen 2 (Sequel to Gothic 3) – Play as a Pirate – IGN Next Gen Games – Direct X 11 and full effects “Next Gen” is a subjective term as every time something new comes out, they label it Next Gen. I think this time though it is a genuine label. Check back here as […]

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#SWTOR New Info: From the developers

I saw some information released in response to Q&A in the official forums, below: In regards to downtime: We like to have the player back in combat quickly, which is why every class has ad ability to quickly restore their health / energy reserves. Simply put: Long downtimes (out of combat) = not desired. There […]

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#SWTOR in final stages, getting set to launch!

Full article as seen on here. The cofounders of BioWare discuss the story direction of Star Wars: The Old Republic and the ethos that has kept the spirit of BioWare alive for many years Some ideas from the video: “SWTOR is getting to the point now where lots of people are playing it now […]

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Android 3.0 – Codename “Honeycomb”

From TechNewsWorld: Honeycomb is designed from the ground up for tablets and has a new holographic user interface. It includes a so-called Action Bar to let users control their apps, offers five customizable home screens and has additional connectivity features. Honeycomb is backwards compatible with applications developed for earlier versions of Android, or apps developed […]

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